Hayworth Theater To Be Revived as a Multi-Purpose Venue by “Dynasty Typewriter” and Former Hollywood Improv Booker Jamie Flam

Though LA is losing the Steve Allen Theater in a few weeks and Cinefamily is closed indefinitely pending an internal investigation of the extent of sexual harassment and assault, the city is gaining two new venues where primo comedy will get to live. 

Yesterday, we tipped you off to the rebirth of Echoes. Today, we can tell you about the revival of The Hayworth Theater as restored classical theater (restoration done by building owners Jenji Kohan and Christopher Noxon architect Linda Brettler) near MacArthur Park that is aiming to bringing premium comedy, music, podcasts, variety shows, screenings, etc. to LA’s Eastside. 

Thanks to Jamie Flam, a former booker of the Hollywood Improv and one of the most fun loving people we know, and his Wes-Anderson-esque fake company Dynasty Typewriter, a whole new wave of live shows is set to come in the next few months.

See Jamie tell you himself in this pretty swell Kickstarter video and read Julie Seabough’s write-up of the whole affair in LA Weekly

Speaking of Kickstarter, “Dynasty Typewriter” is looking for $100K by November 16th to spend on A/V installation, operation costs for the first 3 months, and staffing via this Kickstarter campaign. Knowing what Jamie is capable of and having been to the space throughout the years, we definitely think it’s worth backing.

Join the Dynasty (and support what will be a great indie venue) here.