“Harmonquest”, Dan Harmon’s Live Action-Animated D&D Game Show Gets a Full Trailer

Dungeons and Dragons certainly doesn’t carry the stigma that it once used to, but that doesn’t mean that making it into engaging television would be easy. 

Still, Dan Harmon has, from the looks of this trailer, figured that out. First, it appeared in portions of Harmontown, and now it’s a live action-animated hybrid now known as Harmonquest.

Coming to Seeso on July 14th, Harmon and a gathering of his friends including Jeff Bryan Davis and Erin McGathy, favorite funny people including Thomas Middleditch, Paul F. Tompkins, Aubrey Plaza, Ron Funches, Steve Agee, and John Hodgman, Kumail Nanjiani, and Chelsea Peretti and Game Master Spencer Crittenden will show you how much of a rollicking, incredibly layered, and enjoyably complicated game D&D can be.