Hamclown: The One Type of Clown I Like

What exactly is a “Hamclown”?  I was one of those silent many that had an aversion to clown, but Hamclown is something different altogether and certainly not to be feared by anybody.

If you type “hamclown” into Google, you’ll actually get redirected to results for “ham clown” and never see any of the results for the amazing comedy and music variety show taking place in downtown LA on 5th and Spring.

Instead, you’ll first be directed to hamsexy.com, which, as far as I can gather, is a blog about amateur radio.  Even though hamsexy.com has been around for much longer than Hamclown, the results for googling “hamclown” need to change.

On the last Thursday of every month, producers and talented stand-up comedians themselves Josh Androsky and Grant Pardee take over the 2nd Floor of the Alexandria Hotel, more commonly known as the Mezz.  Their comedy extravaganza features several of LA’s best stand-ups, Kyle Kinane, Rory Scovel, Brody Stevens, Maria Bamford, and more, sketch comedy that borders on a full scale stage production, and amazing local bands to close out the show.

Really, Hamclown goes above and beyond for laughter from their constantly growing audience. At the last edition of Hamclown, Androsky and Pardee went for a prom theme, temporarily renaming their show “Hamprom”, dressing up as if it was actually prom; Androsky wore a dress and heels.  They even had a prom photographer with a prom backdrop.  As if that wasn’t enough, Androsky went into a spectacular musical number while still in a dress and heels featuring back-up dancers and lots of goo in which he let out his inner woman and then wooed the “hot high school quarterback” (played by Aaron Alberstein).  

I would almost say that you get your bang for your buck at Hamclown, but that would be a false statement as you don’t spend anything to see this youthful comedic romp in a cool bohemian space that has to have been used in several rock music videos of either Lenny Kravitz or Perry Farrell.  It’s free of charge just like many independently produced comedys shows around LA are, but, already, Hamclown has been mentioned in the LA Times as part of a story about the exciting group of comedy shows taking place in Downtown.

If you’re convinced or curious, the next Hamclown is taking place tomorrow 9PM, as mentioned, at the Mezz on the 2nd Floor of the Alexandria Hotel, 501 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA featuring two of the Comedy Bureau’s favorite comedians: Ron Lynch and Jackie Kashian.  In other words, be there (you won’t be square if you don’t, but you’ll regret your absence).  Follow them on Twitter and Facebook or check back at the Comedy Bureau for more updates and possibly what exactly a “hamclown” is other than a hip, hilarous comedy circus minus the animals and clowns (not a big fan of either anyway).