“Hail, Caesar” in Theaters Today (You Should Go See It)


The Coen Brothers’ latest offering Hail, Caesar! has just made its way into theaters today and it really is (and we’re not saying this lightly) one of their best. 

Every bit of their signature dry humor that has found its way into even their grimmest dramas served itself very well throughout and the Coens spectacularly reveled in Hollywood’s Golden Age, lavish musical numbers, warts, and all. The stellar ensemble cast lives up to expectations including a nimble Channing Tatum in an intricate, decidedly non-Magic Mike dance routine.

Woven through all of that is some pretty great socio-economic, political, and spiritual commentary that puts Hail, Caesar! up there in the Coen Brothers canon with The Big Lebowski.

If you wanna catch it in LA, here are LA showtimes.