Get Your First Look at Season 2 of Hacks (Teaser)

Hacks, the latest freshman single cam comedy to be critically acclaimed and award winning out of the gate (Atlanta and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend being the others in recent memory) has been such a lauded show that it, like those others freshman phenoms, feels like it has been around a lot longer than it actually has.

Well, that’s kind of what happens when a show is that good out of the gate. Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, Jen Statsky, Jean Smart, and Hannah Einbinder all make for one of the best explorations of stand-up comedy and fighting your way through the entertainment biz as a woman, no matter where you are in age or station, and the second season has been highly anticipated since the credits rolled for season 1.

Lucky for us all, season 2 is kicking off very soon, Thurs. May 12th to be exact, on HBO Max. You can take your very first look at all the fights and cool looks of mutual respect between Ava and Deborah and everything in between here (as this season will follow them out of Vegas and on the road).