Fusion Partners with The Onion to Develop Weekly “A.V. Club” Series

(via Deadline)

We’re intrigued to see how much satire or snark versus genuine coverage gets put on this show.

Since Univision owns Fusion outright now and also now has controlling stake in The Onion, it would only seem natural for the two properties to collaborate given their focus on a specific niche of millennials. The idea that No, You Shut Up with Paul F. Tompkins and an A.V. Club weekly series being on the same network makes sense.

So, that is what is going to happen

The Onion’s almost non-satirical pop-culture off-shoot, The A.V. Club, is getting its own weekly show developed for Fusion, which will take on pop culture, music, etc. with that clever edge that they’ve honed for years. 

We’ll find out if they’ll be able to translate their Internet credibility to Fusion soon.