Often in LA, there are comedy shows that, for a myriad of reasons, happen in non-traditional spaces (salons, vintage stores, teepees). The novelty of the atypical venue adds charm, but only a handful of shows actually lean in to whatever space they’re in.

Full Moon Comedy, hosted by Charlie Bury, Lindsay Adams, and Aaron Weaver,  takes advantage of being in the mystical supply and apothecary, The Green Man Store in North Hollywood. Guided meditations, prescriptions of crystals for comedians based on their sets, and actual folks that are in touch with the magical/spiritual/etc. world all happen at this show.

This latest edition of the show also has a fantastic line-up with Eddie Pepitone, The Sisters Puterbaugh, Renee Gauthier, and a very special ceremony from La Sound Healing

Best of all, it’s free to attend. Get more details here.