Please Enjoy Team Coco’s First Scripted Podcast “Frontier Tween”


As Team Coco has had immense success with their foray into podcasting via Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend, they’re expanding their slate to include scripted podcasts.

Their first release Frontier Tween is a hoot of a series from Jen Jackson, Louisa Kellogg, and Katy Yeiser that features quite the cast in Maria Bamford, Kerri Kenney, Mary Sohn, Tim Baltz, Jen Jackson, and Conan O’Brien. As the title suggests, a follows the life of one Tilly Mulch, a so-called Frontier Tween, and her life coming-of-age in the wide open plains. 

The writing is charming, not unlike the warmth of a fire at a genuine country diner, and Bamford’s performance, per usual, is absolutely engrossing and so hilarious. 

Get a small taste of Frontier Tween in this trailer.

If you’re into it, get into Frontier Tween over at Luminary Podcast here.