Pick Up a Copy of the Fortunate Soldier Magazine, If You Can Find One

You can now get some of your favorite comedy records on vinyl, why not have a print comedy magazine that’s published on printer paper and not available at any newsstand or anywhere online?

That’s the thought that must have been behind the creation of Fortunate Soldier Magazine, a magazine that rounds up short form written pieces from such comedic luminaries as Jonah Ray, Jim Hamilton, Ron Babcock, Kelsy Abbott, and more. We have a copy and it’s worth definitely worth a read and a laugh, but as you can see below, there’s only 300 copies printed. On top of that editors Spencer Strauss and Paul Isakson hand them out personally at live comedy shows that they’re at. We’ve personally pleaded that there be some easier way to get it because we care about our readers that much, but alas, to no avail, you actually have to go see a live comedy show, most likely, in LA (What a chore, right? It’s not like there’s a collective calendar of great shows to check out on a nightly basis or something).

Hopefully, that will have to change because people bug Spencer and Paul enough or they literally run out of copies to hand our OR they have to publishing it online because there’s no more paper left in the world (assuming this zine keeps going through past 2090 or later)