The President Show Is Coming Back with a Mockumentary with the Very Hopeful Title “The Fall of Donald Trump”

Sure, Trump humor can be well beyond exhausted in 2018. That being said, Anthony Atamanuik’s Trump is so good that it supersedes any sort of fatigue we may have gotten from political humor over the last three years. 

So, naturally, we’re excited for the folks at The President Show at Comedy Central to make a mockumentary that goes behind an imagined (or maybe what will end up being a not so imagined) dismantling of the Trump Administration (often self-inflicted by Trump and his cronies). 

Here’s a taste of it with a “leaked tape”.

Look forward to A President Show Documentary: The Fall of Donald Trump premieres on Monday, October 22nd at 11PM and hopefully a turning of the tides in the midterm elections a couple of weeks later.