Enjoy Trailer for Christian Movie Satire “Faith Based”

For several years now, the niche industry of faith based movies, which are very specifically films geared towards those of the Christian faith, have proven to be quite the moneymakers. More and more prominent talent that previously never take part in a “Christian movie” have found that it isn’t as risky of a move and started popping up here and there in such movies.

So, Faith Based,from director Vincent Masciale and writer and co-star Luke Barnett, take on and satirize the whole cottage industry of these “faith-based” films by showing a duo schemes to get rich quick through producing their own ludicrous Christian full length feature about the first prayer in space.

Take a gander of what they have up their sleeve (including an ensemble cast featuring Jason Alexander, Lance Reddick, and Margaret Cho) with the trailer here, then look for Faith Based to roll out next month Oct. 9th.