Please Get Eugene Mirman’s 9 Volume, 7-LP Album “I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome)” Out Today from Sub Pop Records

Let Eugene Mirman’s imagination run wild and you’ll get something as vast and brilliant as I’m Sorry (You’re Welcome).

Spanning 9 volumes and 7 LPs, Mirman has curated a veritable exhibition hall of his own comedy. There’s a traditional collection of straight stand-up, but there’s a vast array of the absurd including foley effects, Russian phrases, a “f*ckscape”, an audio representation of specific drugs and what it’s like to take them, ringtones, noises that could orgasms or something else very niche, and Eugene crying for a really long time. 

All of it takes you deep into the recesses of Eugene’s mischievous psyche and back again, then in circles, then deeper, and around for another ago in the best way, most hilarious way possible. 

Also, playing Eugene crying to any music video that’s overly maudlin like Adele’s Hello is pretty great.

Please get the album in digital or vinyl from Sub Pop Records or on iTunes now.

Mirman is doing a tour that kicks off tomorrow from Oct. 30th-Nov. 19th going to Brooklyn, LA, Seattle, Portland, Austin, and Boston. Get tickets and info here.