Bob’s Burgers Writer Wendy Molyneux Challenged The Internet To Raise $10K To Make Her Watch The “Entourage” Movie

Wendy must have known that forcing someone to do something they really don’t want to do for charity is one of the Internet’s favorite things.

Wendy Molyneux, a writer on Bob’s Burgers and live variety show Wits, started an Internet campaign to raise money for cancer research. Her idea is that she would force herself to watch the Entourage movie if $10,000 were raised, and, of course, the GoFundMe campaign is almost at $17,000 as of this post.

As of now, she’ll not only go see Entourage twice in theaters with her own money not from the campaign, but do so in Drama Mama Pajamas and carrying a Turtle cup.

We wonder if she’ll up the ante with anything else if she gets to $50K or even six figures.

If you want to join in Wendy’s personal torture for charity, you can donate here.