Edgar Wright to Find Comedy in the Animated Shadows for Dreamworks Animation

(via The Wrap)

Given Edgar Wright’s canon of Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, The World’s End, etc., we’re confident that his first swing at animation could very well be a home run. 

Dreamworks Animation has been working on a film that centered around the nature of shadows and have recently brought on Wright to direct and co-write along with UK comedian and Little Britain’s David Walliams to bring a whole new angle to the project.

So far, the only other thing we know about this film is that it’ll be called “Me & My Shadow”

No other details have been given as of yet, but from this being a Dreamworks project with Wright on board, we’d venture a guess as something adjacent to Inside Out, focusing on shadows obviously, but with the Edgar Wright panache. We’ll probably have to wait awhile to see if we’re right for this being both being animated and under wraps.