Pick of the Day: HoneyDumb (Dumb People Town and HoneyDew Crossover) 4/10

Throughout the course of the pandemic, celebrated local news comedy podcast Dumb People Town has not only done live-streams, but have often done crossovers with their favorite podcasts, which has been a delight.

They’re doing the latest crossover with one of the best storytelling podcasts around, The HoneyDew with Ryan Sickler. Sickler will join DPT’s The Sklar Brothers and Daniel Van Kirk to revel in the zeniths of dumb news ’round the world.

Also, the sweet sounds of The Cactus Blossoms will grace this live-stream as well.

Called “HoneyDumb”, it’ll go live at Sat. Apr. 10th 6:30PM PT/9:30PM ET. Tickets are $20-$60 and you can and should go get them here.