Drew Michael’s HBO Special Directed by Jerrod Carmichael Will Have No Live Audience

Well, this is sure to upset a lot of comedy purists. 

That being said, if you watch this behind-the-scenes clip, it seems like both Jerrod Carmichael and Drew Michael are completely fine with that. 

They’re not even entirely sure if this can be categorized as a stand-up special. Of course, that’s really up to who is watching and how they interpret and react to the special as Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette has shown. It should be noted that there is plenty of room for an experiment like this underneath the ever burgeoning and evolving world of stand-up comedy. 

They both are accomplished comedians we really dig and just want to try something different, which we’re on board for. Also, if you think this is totally unprecedented, we’d like to remind you that a special sans a live audience has been tried before by Harland Williams doing “Force of Nature” in the desert.

From these few bits of the special in the promos, the special does seem very moody (maybe like certain Drake songs?) and we already feel a certain heightened tension when the laughter of others is absence. That could end up being something that pays off. 

We’ve really enjoyed Drew’s albums in the past that were recorded in front of live crowds. Drew’s comedy is undeniably dark and personal and that probably will feel, again, heightened in this special due to the absence of laughter from others that you’re used to.

In any case, we can’t wait to see what Drew and Jerrod have cooked up in its entirety on August 25th when the special premieres on HBO.