Drew Michael’s “Funny to Death” Is an All Inclusive Trip to the Dark Side


When it comes to dark comedy, there are a lot of comedians that walk on the dark side merely as a stunt. They just say something shocking just to get a rise out of people and, more often than not, there’s no real depth or artistry to it.

Drew Michael deals in dark comedy, but does so by genuinely exploring the darkest corners of his already dark thoughts including his uncanny affinity for manifestos. On his latest album Funny to Death, he takes a wry journey through his psyche that offers pros and cons of his beliefs, flaws, and insecurities that’s hilarious if you choose to take the ride. It’s dark comedy that’s more personal and vulnerable than it is just the idea of being dark. 

Michael had his half hour special premiere on Comedy Central earlier this week, but you can get a more unfiltered, uncut, uncensored, longer offering from him with Funny to Death, available here.