Get Your First Look at Adam McKay’s Latest Damning Satire “Don’t Look Up”

In the time that Adam McKay has left Gary Sanchez on to more hard hitting, satirical pastures with The Big Short and Vice, it’s clear that McKay has carved out an auteur niche and is very likely going to continue to put out high profile satires that go to the very core of our worst demons (McKay is also at work on a project about the profiteering coming from COVID-19).

The latest work he’s offering up is Don’t Look Up, which is a timely look at people disregarding scientists in lieu of comforting ignorance. Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio lead off an ensemble cast as scientists desperately trying to warn the powers that be about an incoming asteroid. If you love that razor sharp style of McKay’s last two films and were wanting to see a, perhaps, funnier version of Melancholia, this will very likely be the movie for you this year.

Best of all, we’re getting this cautionary tale as a gift as it will stream on Netflix on Christmas Eve this year. Get a look for what we’re in for with Don’t Look Up in this teaser here.