Of the things to look forward to in 2020, we’re adding a monthly slot at Dynasty Typewriter for The Dollop Podcast to the list (in fact, we’d probably put it near the top). The crucial and hysterical comedy history podcast hosted by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds has become such a podcast that it regularly tours around the country and the world sharing perhaps the most entertaining versions of some of the weirdest and darkest stories in history.

The live episodes are really something special and you ought to know, in LA, they’ll be getting some damn fine guests TBA.

Anyhow, this monthly Dollop at Dynasty Typewriter will be raising money for various charities FYI, making this residency even more wonderful than already is.

Their first date is Tues. Feb. 11th at 8PM and tickets are $20 right now (and $25 on the day of-though we suspect they might be sold out before then). Go get them here quick.