Pick of the Day: Dina Martina: Chariots of Failure (in LA) 1/27-2/6

We made it to 2022, somehow, and, though we’re still in the turbulence of 2021 and 2020, there are things to look forward to that will kick this year off with a proper bang (tentatively). One of those things is the return of Dina Martina to Silverlake’s Cavern Club Celebrity Theater (attached to Casita Del Campo).

Dina is an otherworldly drag performer and something that will jolt your senses in a hysterically devil-may-care way as the self-styled “Second Lady of Entertainment”. The song and dance and ensemble of Martina are simultaneously subversive, surreal, and just downright hysterical and something that we dearly missed for the last two years (at least).

Dina will be doing a run of Chariots of Failure from Thurs-Sun. from Jan. 27th to Feb. 6th. Tickets are $33.85 and are selling out quick. Go get them here.