Desus & Mero on Joel Osteen and CNN Attempting to Interview Hurricane Harvey Victim

There are so many overwhelming, almost incomprehensible things that are going on in the world right now that you might have not noticed that most of late night has taken a nice hiatus for a couple of weeks and consequently have not been able to comment on said happenings.

However, Desus & Mero at Viceland have been hard at work, calling out people who need some calling out. For Hurricane Harvey specifically, they riff on the Joel Osteen-reportedly-delaying-to-open-his-church-for-Hurricane-Harvey-victims debacle and a CNN interview that went far off course and included some f-bombs

By the way, if you haven’t found your way to enjoying Desus & Mero yet, now would probably be a good time to go down a YouTube rabbit hole to catch up with one of the best newcomers to late night.