Deerskin Trailer Promises Another Insane, Mind-Bending Comedy from Quentin Dupieux

When it comes to the realm of the truly absurd and wonderfully demented comedies in film, Quentin Dupieux is one of our favorites leading the charge with pretty much everything he does. His previous work including Wrong and Wrong Cops are so hysterically bonkers and yet, so stylized that we’ll never forget how much we were enraptured and tilting our head back from laughing so hard.

Dupieux’s latest Deerskin features two of France’s most revered actors in Jean Dujardin (The Artist) and Adele Haenel (Portrait of a Lady on Fire) embarking on a movie where a man gets kind of possessed by this super stylish jacket and driven to do some truly wild and bizarre things. The stature of the cast juxtaposed with Deerskin’s premise really has us on board to see it as soon as we can. 

See for yourself in the Deerskin trailer here, then look for it to start hitting theaters on Mar. 20th.