Here’s the Del Close Marathon 21 Schedule

Del Close Marathon, the long running 55 hour long form improv marathon has its schedule up and running, though, as you can see, this seems to be just the sort-of primetime slots (DCM goes non-stop the entire weekend in case you didn’t know). 

There are plenty of the mainstay and big time shows (ASSSSCAT, Hebecky Drysbell, UCBTNY All Stars) from here in LA and some from NYC (as well other teams from elsewhere in the country) and then something called “Other Show”, which, we’re assuming will be a whirlwind of dozens upon dozens of teams performing in the wee hours of the morning and the actual morning. 

We currently don’t have the details and line-ups for those time slots, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do. You can count on those 1AM-1PM slots being a fast, furious blur of improv from teams big, small, weird, weirder, and otherwise.

Get more details, tickets/passes, and more about DCM 21, tickets/passes here.