Letterman Has an Entire, Exhaustive Archive on YouTube Now

David Letterman was and will forever be an innovator and giant in the world of late night and the history of the medium of television. His time at Late Night broke barriers in so many ways that still reverberate today. Many of the weirdest bits on live TV that you see these days can have their “lineage” traced back to Letterman, especially in his early years.

To that point, you can find such lineage in its entirety now, at your convenience, in a newly minted, completely authorized YouTube archive on the best of David Letterman. It spans 23 seasons of Letterman at The Late Show including the groundbreaking Stupid Pet and Human Tricks and the iconic Top Ten Lists as well as fabulous stand-up on Letterman and some of Dave’s best interviews.

Feel free to fall down the nice and shiny Letterman rabbit hole here.