David Huntsberger Is Getting His Own Late Night Talk/Sketch Show, “Reactor” at SyFy

(via Entertainment Weekly)

As of late, there are more intersections between science and comedy. The one we think you should probably know is David Huntsberger who has plenty of material about how the brain functions, relativity, etc.

SyFy’s latest attempt at a talk show will be Reactor hosted by David Huntsberger. Like a traditional late night talk show, it’ll have guests, sketches, and air at 11:30PM, but it will specifically focus on pop culture’s run-ins with science fiction.

Last year, there was the short lived Wil Wheaton Project at SyFy that had similar aims. Hopefully, Reactor, which premieres Thurs. July 16th at 11:30PM, will go much better. Huntsberger has 12 episodes to accomplish just that.

There’s a fun announcement video at EW by David himself that details Reactor more.