Help David Cross Truly Independently Release “Hits” in Theaters and as Pay-What-You-Want (Oh, A “Mr. Show” Reunion Is Also Really Happening)

In lieu of a traditional indie film release, David Cross is taking cues from Radiohead and Louis C.K. in order to get his film Hits to fans more directly.

Cross wants to play Hits it in select cities across the country as well as on BitTorrent for a Pay-What-You-Want and also a release on iTunes, etc. To do this, he’s going looking to raise $100K on Kickstarter to do this all on his own and the more money that’s raised, the more cities they can visit.

As you’d expect there are some great rewards for helping crowdfund this experimental film release of David Cross’ Hits. One of them is being in the background of a Mr. Show reunion.

That’s right, Paul F. Tompkins wasn’t deceiving us when he tweeted out this picture on New Year’s Eve and a reunion of David, Bob, Jay Johnston. Scott Aukerman, Paul, and more is indeed happening this year.

With all of that said, get in on all of this.