Dave Ross & Ryan Singer’s Sketch Album “Three” Is Darkly Hysterical and Also Very NSFW

Often, inspiration come in the 11th hour and at the spur of the moment. Such is the case with Three, a sketch album from Dave Ross and Ryan Singer recorded in four hours after they were having dinner one random night.

Oddly enough, the sketches contained therein pretty much cover all the bases of what you’re not supposed to talk about at the dinner table, mostly sex and religion. Also, they seemingly improvise in such a ridiculous way that wouldn’t be kosher at any table, save for the one for the sketch group that Ross is in, Women

The outright, ultra-blue absurdity of Three toes the line between being cringeworthy and the sort of comedy that breaks your brain for how farcical it is. 

If you’re into really dark comedy, you might really get into Three (just probably don’t play it loud at work as we mentioned in the headline).

Oh, did we mention it’s free to stream and download?