Danny Pudi to Star in “Strange Calls” Pilot on NBC

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

While Parks and Recreation and The Office are over, Community and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt finding their way online, and Must See TV dropped, NBC is at a big crossroads as to where there comedy will be headed. 

More and more this pilot season, NBC seems like they would like to keep some of their stars around from their last era of sitcoms. Community’s Danny Pudi has now been set to star in the pilot for Strange Calls, adapted from a high concept Australian horror sitcom, as the lead. He’d play a well-meaning police officer that has to deal with secretly supernatural town in the sticks. So, we guess it’d be like Eureka, but more supernatural and with Pudi.

Already, NBC has Adam Scott who just finished up with Parks and Recreation developing a dispensary comedy with Joe Mande, leaving us to wonder what’s to come for comedy series at the peacock.