Daniel Van Kirk Becomes Chili’s New Spokesperson Off of Sklarbro Country Twitter Campaign


Daniel Van Kirk has never been coy about his love of Chili’s. He mentions it all the time on The Sklar BrothersSklarbro Country to the point where listeners of the podcast were urged and followed through with a Twitter campaign to get Van Kirk to be the new spokesperson for Chili’s.

Just check out the thousands of tweets for the hashtag #DVK4Chilis to see what we’re talking about. 

So now, Daniel Van Kirk has indeed been made into a Chili’s spokesperson and will be even taking over their Twitter account tomorrow Dec. 12th at 1PM PST.

From the guy who does a myriad of amazing characters on so many of your favorite podcasts, the best impression of Mark Wahlberg and web series DVK, perhaps Old Navy has a new rival for funniest spokesperson.