Network TV Apparently Doesn’t Like Dan Harmon

If you’ve simply haven’t turned your computer on, you’ve probably heard that Dan Harmon the creator of just renewed NBC comedy series Community will no longer be its showrunner and ostensibly having nothing to do with any of shortened season that’s announced to air. Harmon’s replacements will be David Guarascio and Moses Port, both writers from Happy Endings, news that Harmon was informed of just as the world was because he wasn’t even called about it.

While this is all very sad and has sent the Internet into a frenzy of grieving usually reserved for someone dying, this move seems to be another step in the direction of network TV segregating itself from the programming on cable. It’s not a blanket statement quite yet, but judging from the promos for nearly all the sitcoms that are set to air next season and mid-season, network TV collectively seems to be saying, “OK Cable, have your smart and original programming and the audience that comes with it. We’ll stick with our formulas of following trends instead of creating them and relying on star power of names to carry the weight of the uninspired shlock that comprises much of our fall line-ups.”

So, we wait at the edges of whatever social networking platform you prefer to hear what Harmon does next, which, will hopefully be on Adult Swim (or IFC, FX, HBO, Showtime, or even TBS), because his comedic genius can really run off the rails there. Maybe, Channel 101 could become a real channel or, perhaps, Harmontown, a live show where Dan Harmon does whatever he wants, because he and his comedy has that loyal of a following.