Dan Harmon’s Harmontown Officially a Podcast

  NEW   The Harmontown Podcast episode 2 is out NOW! Click the picture to download!  “The Inception Of Relationships”  While Jeff Davis works abroad, Guest Comptroller  Erin McGathy (“This Feels Terrible”)  joins Mayor Harmon for an in depth look at overrated masterpieces, passive aggressive text messages and how to destroy someone else’s relationship on stage.  Subscribe on iTunes, reblog, tweet, facebook, share and come to L.A and see Harmontown live at Nerdmelt, every Monday night!  cheers, producer dustin

If you’re not familiar with Dan Harmon’s Harmontown, it’s literally over an hour of Dan Harmon doing whatever he wants (perhaps you’d be into that), which could be stories, making Donald Glover play the role of himself while reading an e-mail from a weird relative that’s not a big fan of Community, or anything else percolating in that brilliance coffee pot of a brain from Harmon along with “comptroller” Jeff Davis

Now, it’s in podcast form for the Internet to enjoy. They’re already two episodes in