Comedy Central Brass Say They Believe in Trevor Noah and Are Definitely Keeping Him Around

(via The Wrap)

Despite recent unfavorable reviews and pieces written about The Daily Show’s new host, Trevor Noah, the heads of Comedy Central want to assure you that they’re still jazzed about Noah and where he could take the show.

This week’s Comedy Central Upfronts presentation had Network President Michelle Ganeless and Original Programming Chief Kent Alterman commenting on the reception of Noah after a few months of hosting The Daily Show. They redoubled the confidence in their choice by saying, “We fully believe in him, we feel like he keeps finding his voice more and more,” and adding that they have “a deep reservoir of patience”.

If you’re in the camp that pines for the days of Jon Stewart, you should know that there’s plenty of that to be had with Daily Show with Jon Stewart alums John Oliver and Samantha Bee and their respective shows Last Week Tonight and Full Frontal.