We saw The Crossword Show last year and are still floored by Zach Sherwin showcasing his command of language and how to twist, turn, and manipulate it all for comedic effect (it made our 100 Best list).

Basically, Zach, his guests, and the audience do an entire crossword puzzle together that’s filled with jokes, factoids, etc. and they are all thematically tied together no matter how disparate the clues and answers might seem.

This latest edition will be on Wed. Mar. 13th 8PM at Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth Theater he’ll be joined by a panel of Lisa Loeb, Pete Holmes, and Nicole Holliday (an actual linguistics professor) in case that furthers entices you.

Tickets are $10 in adv. and $15 on the day of the show. So, go get them here ASAP.

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