Critics’ Choice Awards Also Have Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel Racking Up Nominations

(via Variety)

Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel have already been gathering up a lot of nominations at The Golden Globes and The SAG Awards and the 20th Annual Critics Choice Awards are no different. Between the two, they stacked 24 nominations in various categories, Birdman with 13 and Grand Budapest Hotel with 11.

There’s a weird genre fragmentation at The Critics’ Choice Awards that has gotten both films nominated for Best Picture and Best Comedy. Top Five, 22 Jump Street, St. Vincent, Chef, Neighbors, Obvious Child, The Skeleton Twins, Edge of Tomorrow, Inherent Vice, Guardians of the Galaxy, and The Lego Movie also all got nominations in Comedy and Action categories.

Despite how continually odd it is that awards put drama above everything, Birdman and Grand Budapest Hotel give some hope that there might be happening less and less in the future.

The Critics Choice Awards will be televised live at A&E 6PM PST on Jan. 15th and hosted by Michael Strahan.