Connor Ratliff Announces He’s Running for President as “No Party” Candidate Just for the Attention and Already Endorses Hillary Clinton

Officially announced this morning, comedian Connor Ratliff is running, again, for president and immediately admits he has no shot at winning or even getting to 15% in the polls, the absolute minimum required to be in the presidential debates. 

As that’s the case, he admits that he is just doing this for the attention, which is an idea that Donald Trump hasn’t and probably will never admit to or even entertain the idea of admitting. Ratliff is going on a platform of asking people to not vote for him or even give him donations, but, instead, give their vote and support to Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. That’s probably one of the nicest things a presidential candidate has done in this election thus far for the competition.

The best part of this whole announcement is probably this paragraph: 

Ratliff has openly called for computer hackers to figure out a way to project a hologram of him onto the stage during one of the Presidential debates.  "I don’t know if it’s even technologically possible, but if it can be achieved I think it would be a major display of American know-how,” said Ratliff.  “Even if it was just for me to pop in and say hello and call Donald Trump a name, I think it would be a way of showing that in America, anything is possible.  I think it would give people hope.”

Read the whole press release here.

While he doesn’t want your vote, you can follow his campaign over the next few months on Tumblr and Twitter as well as buy his book, Winning Isn’t Everything: Why I Am Running For President Again… And Why I Will Lose, that explains why he won’t win.

So, far this sounds like a pretty good campaign to us.