Conan O’Brien To Go on Six Week Long Remote Trips Next Year

(via Brian Steinberg/@bristei)

Whether they read this thing we wrote awhile back, we’re thrilled to hear that Conan is going to roam more “in the wild” so to speak in 2016.

Probably one of the best parts of this era of Conan O’Brien’s late night talk show career is when he steps away from the desk and couch and goes out into the world. For years, O’Brien has made situations that wouldn’t seem to have any inherent comedy in them like delivering Chinese food, going into doll store, or doing commercial auditions, and make something absolutely hysterical. It’s comedy alchemy making comedy gold from seemingly nothing.

Conan’s trip to Cuba is proof positive of how doing an entire show of remotes would work quite well. 

So, ahead of what is sure to be a memorable week at Comic-Con for Conan and company next month, we all have way more remote segments to look forward to from Conan in the form of six week-long trips starting next year.

Hopefully, this means more trips to breweries, distilleries, etc. where Conan tries to shorten the guided tour to get to drinking.