Watch “Conan in Armenia” and See Yet Again Why Conan Should Get to Travel More

The Conan in Armenia special aired this week and is now online in full at or diced up into several great clips.

As you probably expected, Conan brought his legendary goofing around wherever he and his assistant Sona Movsesian went. 

From an Armenian language course to taking requests from Sona’s family

…to visiting an Armenian matchmaker per Sona’s family request

…to buying an authentic Armenian rug

…to trading some dance moves at an Armenian temple

…to taking a necessary and respectful visit to the Armenian Genocide Memorial

…to picking a “tasteful” painting at a flea market

…to joining in the festivities at Armenia’s Yerevan Day as well as meeting fans that are also Syrian refugees

…to attempting to herd some sheep

…to showing of the spoils of their trip to Sona’s family, Conan and Sona’s visit to Armenia is a great showcase for Conan having a whole other show where he travels to the forgotten places amongst travel shows and makes great TV just by being Conan.