The Line-up For 2015′s “The Half Hour” on Comedy Central

(via Splitsider)

Andrew Santino, Andy Woodhull, Barry Rothbart, Beth Stelling, Brooks Wheelan, Hampton Yount

Joe List, Liza Treyger, Michelle Buteau, Phil Hanley, Randy Liedtke, Sam Morril, Sean Donnelly, and Tone Bell will be your line-up for this year’s round of half hour stand-up specials on Comedy Central’s The Half Hour

There you have it folks. You’ve probably seen many of these great comics recently on late night talk shows, panel shows all over cable, viral videos, in various roles on sitcoms, web series, and on SNL for a season, but now you can finally watch them in more than 3-5 minute increments.

You’ll be able to catch these specials either being taped in Boston as Comedy Central usually does or on Comedy Central much later in 2015.