Pick of the Day: Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring Taping (in LA) 4/24

Comedy Central is doing another round of what makes up the majority of their stand-up these days, Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring” (Premium Blend for Gen-Xers) and handpicking from the LA scene the folks that they like to highlight for about 10 minutes or so on YouTube.

Of course, by the very nature of this post, you can get the special in on seeing these sets of who Comedy Central thinks is next and see it in person. This latest edition of Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring is slated for Mon. Apr. 24th at Club Los Globos in Silverlake with an early and late show.

The choice line-ups are as follows:

7PM PT: Meredith Casey, Craig Conant, Sean Jordan, Laura Peek, Brodie Reed, Henry Sir, & Saul Trujillo

9:30PM PT: Dylan Adler, Carmen Morales, Jason Cheny, Alex Hooper, Abe Farrelly, Greg Santos, Kylie Vincent, & Chloé Hillard

In addition to the show being free (so long as you RSVP), CC is picking up two drinks for you (so long as it’s well/beer/wine).

Monday doesn’t get much better than that. RSVP before it sells out here.