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From The Comedy Bureau founder/CEO/intern/etc. himself:

“The Comedy Bureau is a vital resource to the gigantic LA comedy scene and acts the glue that helps keep comedians, comedy fans, industry members, and the city together. For almost 7 years now, The Comedy Bureau has been serving anybody and everybody that it can in this regard.

Unfortunately, it’s not actually a real government backed bureau (and the current POTUS would probably eliminate it if it were), so we greatly appreciate any and all support you can give all of us*.

It helps keep the lights on and, the more you give, the more that we can do. That includes starting a "NYC Branch” (i.e. up-to-date listings for the NYC comedy scene), Branches for other cities around the U.S., a Comedy Bureau app, original productions/content, one-of-a-kind live shows, taking part in comedy festivals around the globe, and much much more.

*all of us is just one, Jake Kroeger”

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Also, we’ve got enamel pins and stickers made and the only way to currently get them is through Patreon.