Pick of the Day: Clown Zoo (in LA) 1/12 (@ Old LA Zoo) 1/29 (@ Elysian)

This first week of 2022 has been greeted with daily cancellations and postponements of all things of all shapes and sizes. So, we’re doing our darnedest to find what to look forward to in the coming weeks (that hopefully doesn’t get canceled or postponed either).

Clown Zoo, the outdoor comedy juggernaut (made our 100 best list again), faithfully served the LA area on Wednesday afternoons to provide one of the most fun, ridiculous live shows of this whole pandemic. The abandon and chaos with which they do an outdoor, traditional mask show is one of the surefire comedy bets we can always count on. They (and by they, we mean Natalie Palamides, Courtney Pauroso, Corey Podell, Chad Damiani, Christina Catherine Martinez, Max Baumgarten, Ian Bratschie, Juzo Yoshida, Bill O’Neill, and musical accompaniment by Jim Venable) are making a triumphant return for 2022 this month!

On Wed. Jan. 12th at their coveted time of 12:30PM PT, Clown Zoo will reconvene for their standing weekly show at the Old LA Zoo in Griffith Park (still outdoors and still socially distanced) and, as a new and thrilling entry in 2022, the Clown Zoo bunch will be going indoors at The Elysian for a monthly show starting Sat. Jan. 29th at 8PM PT (proof of vaccination and masks required).

The Wednesday show is still FREE, but you can (and very, very much should) snag your tickets for Clown Zoo Presents for $20 right here right now before they very likely sell out.