July Is Apparently Comedy Month at Cinefamily

Per usual, Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theatre has Doug Benson’s Movie Interruption this Thursday interrupting Battleship, but their marquee will have The Duplass Brothers Do-Decapentathlon and highly anticipated Danish import Klown.

Cinefamily comedy events in July

The Do-Deca Pentathalon (playing 7/6-7/12)-25 event Olympic style event with two brothers as the only competitors from The Duplass Brothers. Trailer.

Klown (playing 7/20-7/26)-A Danish comedy that “plays like a superior, way grosser version of The Hangover.” Aaron Hills-The Village Voice. Red band trailer

Kumaré (playing 7/27-8/2)-a documentary of a man completely fabricating himself as a prophet and people feeling spiritual enlightenment anyway. Trailer.

as well as

TJ Miller’s Hangover Matinee featuring The Forbidden Zone Sun. Jul. 8th 11:30AM