Pick of the Day: Christina Catherine Martinez-How to Bake a Cake in the Digital Age (in LA) 3/28

The artifice of a stage, mic stand, microphone and a bunch of negative space as to exude the solitary nature of a stand-up will always be core to the idea of a stand-up special. That said, there’s still room to push and redefine and reimagine what a  person telling jokes for an hour or so can be or could look like, despite many folks insistence on going with the tried and true method that has seen stand-up comedy through several decades.

Christina Catherine Martinez‘s very first half-hour special How To Bake a Cake in the Digital Age is such a big swing of experimentation in form and content that is also so damn, absurdly funny that it really needs to be recognized as one of the specials of 2022, hopefully to be talked about in years to come. Against the odds of already making an original comedy special and the odds of doing any sort of creative work for public consumption during the pandemic, Christina was granted the space of Human Resources LA to make a pandemic era comedy special and cleverly devised a way to make it something that, we believe, is funny beyond the context of the onslaught of COVID.

There will be a very special screening of How To Bake a Cake in the Digital Age at the very place it was created, Human Resources LA, on Mon. Mar. 28th at 9PM PT. Admission is free and you really ought to take Christina and HRLA up on that if you’re in or around LA, even if you have to cancel Monday night plans you already had.