Chris Gethard Is Returning to Public Access TV for Chris Gethard Presents

If there’s one thing you can expect from Chris Gethard, it’s truly to expect the unexpected. From The Chris Gethard Show to Beautiful Anonymous and everything in between, Gethard’s career in and around comedy has been quite the amazing winding road that no one, except maybe for Chris, can see what’s up ahead.

So, another such move comes with Gethard returning to his public access TV roots at Manhattan Neighborhood Network, though not to revive TCGS. Gethard will be, instead, having a platform to showcase his favorite performers every week (in similar fashion to him handing the TCGS slot to The Special Without Brett Davis) simply called Chris Gethard Presents.

Chris can fill you in on the details here.

As we hinted at above, it’s both a surprising and a not-so-surprising move that is altogether still very intriguing given Chris’ track record for doing what’s daring. Certainly, public access allows for more of that than linear TV.

Chris Gethard Presents will premiere Wednesdays at MNN HD starting Jun. 26th at 11PM EST, which will be conveniently 8PM PST over in LA. You can stream it for FREE here.