Chris Cubas Tries to See What the 1% Is Up to in “Chris Gets Money” Fusion Docu-Special

Fusion wants to explore the notion of how unbalanced income inequality in the U.S. is. Of course, they, like so many other investigatory and eductional docu-specials and docu-series these days, have gotten a funny person to frame the special around.

For exploring the lives of the 1%, Fusion got Austin’s Chris Cubas and gave him $30,000 to spend over 30 days (i.e. live like and “infiltrate” that 1%).

His findings were all shot and edited into a special that’s called Chris Gets Money that will premiere on Fusion on Friday, October 21st at 8PM.

The likelihood that this will instantly solve income inequality in this country is unlikely, but watching Cubas ball out of control will probably be pretty fun.