Get Your First Look at FX’s Latest Audacious Talk Show “The Choe Show”

So much upheaval has been coming to the world of late night over the last year (and don’t get it twisted, it’s very much welcome and very much needed). One of the most recent and most radical turns for a late night talk show is FX tapping artist and personality David Choe to front their latest attempt at a talk show.

Choe won’t be in a soundstage on a backlot or be behind a desk with a beautifully rendered backdrop of a various metropolis at night. The Choe Show will actually be done at Dave’s studio where he’ll interview the likes of anyone from Will Arnett to Maya Erskine to Val Kilmer and plenty more and paint a portrait of them.

It’s pretty wild. It has a bit of The Eric Andre Show‘s energy, but it’s not such a radical satirical send-up of late night. Choe genuine wants to connect through his unique lens and, from the looks of it, get messy in the best way possible with painting the portrait. Also, atypical to late night talk shows, all the episodes will premiere on Jun. 25th, then be available on Hulu the next day.

We can only wonder if that’s a way for FX to get us hooked so we’ll tune in every week if they do more.

Get your first look at all of this with the official trailer for The Choe Show here