At this point, it takes quite a bit to raise our eyebrows when it comes to comedy. 

That being said, this show Cheers The Show: The Show, a sketch showcase of several different versions of the opening to Cheers by very talented sketch writers and performers (including Genetra Tull, Elizabeth Schantz, John O’Toole Katy Fullan, Jackie Durruthy, Lee Barats, Dan Torson, Lauren Knutti, Ryan Kelly, Coil Danielle, Lorae Byas, Caitlin Linden, and producer/director/co-writer Brian Rodriguez-McGovern) is one of those shows. Some of the cold-opens nail the tone and vibe of Cheers and some are hilariously off the deep end. 

In any case, you should catch the latest edition of this show next week at UCB Sunset (it’s a test show that could go on to be a recurring thing at UCB FYI). Get tickets here.