Behold All the Song and Mirth of Central Park Season 2 in This Trailer

Within the Loren Bouchard-iverse, we’ve been wondering what sort of fate and several ingenious musical numbers would be coming for Central Park in this latest season. The wait to see how meta they’ll get and what possible genres of song (this is very much the best musical series since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) they’ll explore this time around (the rap number about Weehawken is pretty stellar) is nearly over. Also, if you’ve been jonesing for more Kathryn Hahn or the original cast of Hamilton, your time is coming very soon too.

Season 2 of Central Park is set to kick off on Fri. Jun. 25th on Apple TV+ (though it probably won’t be all the episodes at once) with new episodes being dropped weekly. Until then, you can get a sonorous preview of what’s to come with these new episodes in this Central Park Season 2 Official Trailer here.