Pick of the Day: Centipede (in LA) 12/1

Whether it be “experimental comedy”, “dare comedy”, or whatever else you want to call it, we love people swinging for the fences in comedy.

So, Tyler Jackson, who has a penchant for such a thing as evidenced by being the co-ring leader behind Late Late Breakfast, is tossing up another high concept show to fly, this time having comedians on the show pick the comedian following them and the subsequent comedian having to blur their set into their own (i.e. like a parts of an infamous ‘human centipede’). Taking on this challenge will be a very capable and fun bunch of Molly Kearney, Carly Kane, Kristin Wallace, Annie Paradis, and Camirin Farmer.

We believe, no matter what happens here, this ought to be a big hysterical hoot of an evening.

This very first Centipede in LA is set for Wed. Dec. 1st at 9PM PT. Tickets are $10 and you really ought to get them here.