CC:Studios Lines Up 5 New Projects From Braunger/O’Connor/Fulcher/Angelo/Broken People and Renews New Timers

(via The Hollywood Reporter)

Comedy Central’s digital arm CC:Studios has been on a streak and with the announcement of their latest development slate, it seems like they will definitely continue said streak.

They’re renewing the fantastic New Timers web series from Good Cop Great Cop as well as putting five new projects into development from the likes of Matt Braunger, Sean O’Connor, Rich Fulcher, David Angelo, and Broken People (Taylor Orci and Jared Nigro).

The premises of Braunger being the last white guy in LA, a Vine celebrity attempting to adapt his videos into a book from Sean O’Connor, Fulcher as a high school teacher, David Angelo being David Angelo, and more of Broken People are all things we’re on board for.